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always thinking so you don't have to. [24 Sep 2004|11:13pm]
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i wish i could buy back the woman you stole [23 Sep 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yaaaaaay :D thanks to this site:
i am now able to watch the two yeah yeah yeahs videos i hadn't seen (y control and pin) and i love them BOTH. i can't wait for the new album, and i can't wait for them to come back. karen o's a fecking goddess.

i rented the dreamers and good bye lenin! last night. the dreamers trailer was so misleading, it made me think that théo was all possessive and extremely jealous of isabelle and matthew and that wasn't exactly the case... i'm not sure if i liked it much. i suppose it was just okay. i watched it again today, and good bye lenin! (which i'd already seen). i was lazy today, which is too bad because it was so beautiful outside. hopefully it will be just as beautiful on saturday.

and apparently last night was NOT the last show at l'x (i didn't go, andre came over and we vedged), it's on saturday. but on saturday, there is also a gay film/theatre "festival" type of thing and i want to go to that. so fuck l'x. i also kind of want to start talking to lisa again. maybe i'll go see her later.

i cleaned my room today. finally put the mattress back downstairs, after two or three weeks of it taking up all the space on my floor. and if vania hadn't broken the vaccuum, my room would have no dust. and i still have to do my desk. it keeps getting worse and worse.

*must not forget: le tigre and stills tickets.

also i'm not sure how i feel about this new update page... i think i like it muchly. and i want to change my layout. it's hurting my eyes, the stupid checkers.

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i hope they love you like i did when you needed me and i came [22 Sep 2004|03:44pm]
yesterday morning i lightly tapped my glasses by accident and they broke. yes, BROKE. the right "handle" thing that goes over my ear fell off. so instead of putting tape, i went all day without glasses, and after school, mom and i went grocery shopping then to pick out new frames. 'cause it's about time. the ones i picked out are better than these ones, but they look a little weird. they were the best ones. and the optometrist taped my glasses together >< and vania and i fought. she was being a stupid cunt.

school was good though. in french i sat at the back and for the whole class i spoke to these two boys and a girl who were behind/beside me. we didn't even prepare for our exam... because we're so smart. karène and i got along REALLY well, and she was taking down songs i had on my ipod, and she wants me to lend her a smashing pumpkins album. weee :D we left class 20 minutes after we should have and karène and i spent a half hour together. she's so damn sweet. then i had a stupid gym exam. walking around 123987 blocks twice. took me 46 minutes.

today i had my first exam in politics. went very well. i didn't hand in my assignment though :x so this can't ever happen again. i left my civ class early to do the work but chose not to. i had to go back to school to buy a book though. and i borrowed my tenant's bike.


i am really sick of stéphanie (not to be confused with stephanie). in civilisation and politics and biology, anoushka is her friend. in french class, it's that girl who wants to become a cop (um, WHAT???) and then in psychology, and whenever she has no one to talk to, it's me. i fucking HATE her. i don't fucking care anymore if i'll have to be rude to her for her to get that i DO NOT WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH HER BORING FRIENDS DURING OUR BREAKS. not only do i have NOTHING in common with them, not only does she ignore me when they're around (sweetums left without telling me yesterday. and she was the one who brought me there in the first place), not only do i stare at the walls, but they don't even know what to tell each OTHER. they just keep saying the same things. "eeeeeeeeeeh it's so cold!" "uuuuuuugh i hate my philosophy class..." "yeah... mhm... haha... yeah... i know..." SHUT. UP. and these lovely kids have known each other for years. at least emmanuelle is nice to me ALL the time, at least we have things to talk about, at least we have some similar interests. stéphanie is obsessed jet. i HATE jet. with a passion.


aofjipas; kjfsa;gjf
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[20 Sep 2004|09:14pm]
ooooh i forgot. the stills will be here on november 20th (saturday), at club soda.
and le tigre will also be here, on october the 24th (sunday). wahoo :D
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[20 Sep 2004|08:56pm]
i saw the bled on saturday night, eeeeeeeeeeee :D i took SO many pictures, and i need to develop them. so in time, i might post them. if i find a scanner.

and this is all just for me to remember. nothing important.
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[17 Sep 2004|01:49pm]
[ mood | outraged ]

so apparently, women are objects.

i am SO fucking sick and tired of being looked at as though i'm an object. two or three days ago, some bastard truck driver honked at me and waved, and i ignored him. but today, somehow i saw this man again, and he honked and waved, and he had the most disgusting smile on his face. so i flipped him off. next time, i will point to him, point to my crotch, and make my fingers go from big to small. not only that, today in the subway, some man walked by me, and TURNED HIS HEAD and looked down at me. i said "you're disgusting" and then he looked at my face. what, was he SHOCKED???? i am SO fucking sick of men thinking that they can stare at you as much as they want just because you're a girl. i am SO fucking sick of men "accidentally" bumping into women, just to get a chance to feel them up. i am SO fucking sick of the lack of respect men have towards women. i'm so fucking sick of it all. i was not even wearing revealing clothing, i was dressed in tight-ish jeans and a black zip-up hoodie, zipped up all the way, with my tummy showing a LITTLE, and these men act like pigs. this is so fucking enraging, i can't stand it. my head is going to explode.

tell me, good sir, how would you feel if a man was trying to feel up YOUR girlfriend/sister/mother/relative???? pretty shitty, i bet. so fucking stop staring at me and i won't end up rendering your dick useless. FUCK YOU.

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[16 Sep 2004|10:03pm]

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[16 Sep 2004|09:45pm]
Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want.
Then post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.
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[16 Sep 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | content ]


tuesday after school vania and i went to the grocery store to get some stuff. when we got back home, andre was there waiting for us, so he helped us out. we were making fondue for mom. so then peter came to pick us up, and andre left. we got mom at the airport, came home, had supper. then she left and dre came back, he slept over. he also slept over sunday night, did i mention that? eh.

yesterday i had my first cup of coffee. marie and i met up after school and headed straight over to steph's, just as she was leaving with her mom to go shopping, just to pass the time. so we wnt with them. we just went to winners and i found three tops WOO!! as well as fishnets. yessssss. marie left later on, after supper. steph and i watched some TV (and i remembered why i never watch TV) and then talked a lot. i left at 10:30. i had such a great time.

today i woke up at 10:11, and i had to go to school to bring in my phys. ed. assignment. after that i met up with steph and we went downtown to shop. we went to old navy, and i found zebra cons :D weeeeeee!!! AND FOR TEN DOLLARS!! can i scream? hah. i also got a pair for vania because otherwise she'd kill me. and i got a fleece checkered blanket (SO soft!) as well as a plain very long-sleeved v-neck brown shirt. so lovely. steph and i had a great time. i miss her so much. i also found a brown blazer and i'm going back to get it tomorrow. i'm slightly worried about it, though, since i asked them to put it aside for me, and the salesgirl kept insisting that she knew i wouldn't be back. so i'm afraid she put it back before closing and someone took it. it was the only one in that size. so i gotta call tomorrow morning to make sure.


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[13 Sep 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i wasn't feeling too great on saturday night. i knew i wasn't going to get drunk, and that club we went to to see tainted youth (it was called clyde's) is absolutely TERRIBLE. the show was fun though. i ran into ashlee when i was there, which is pretty cool, but i only saw her for 5 seconds, which sucks. she was with saad (her ex). so tainted youth won the contest, 1000$. and the lovely boys (well, kevin and tony) were totally trashed and were having a great time hitting the table and making the pitchers and glasses flip over. and kev's laughs were priceless. and his expressions. he's so awesome. mike was there, so clearly justine was upset. we went home with pat.

the next day i left justine's at around noon and i went straight to andre's. he wanted to watch 50 first dates, but we didn't till we came to my house. and i stopped watching it like tne minutes into it because JESUS CHRIST WHAT A TERRIBLE MOVIE. anywho. he slept over.

today was school. my mondays are so long... too bad i have these breaks, and too bad the western civilisation class exists. my teacher is very nice but i get out of her class thinking, "what the hell did i learn?" there is nothing particularly interesting about her class, and she can't teach for shit. came home and dad was here again. and god he stresses me out SO much. it's incredible. he was making potatoes and sajf ;lsjdf. watched sex and the city. now i have to read something for my "détente" class tomorrow and do an assignment. i guess breaks between classes are good.

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[11 Sep 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | i have a headache... ]

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[ mood | not so great... ]

so i called dad on monday and apologized, then vedged. yesterday i had class. obviously psychology was great, obviously french was absolutely boring and i left before everyone else because people work SLOW, and obviously i fell asleep during the resting part of my meditation class. came home and watched friends. i did NOTHING last night and did a half-hour long assignment for politics at 12:30 instead of like... 6. which would have been the NORMAL time.

so since i barely slept (because i'm so smart), i fell asleep during civilisation, but i didn't even miss anything. i slept for at least 20 minutes, and she just spoke about the same thing THE WHOLE TWENTY MINUTES. jesus christ. and then i went to my treatment. and i watched friends.

friends is replacing my internet addiction. and i cry at nearly every episode... every time something REMOTELY emotional happens i start tearing up. something is wrong with me.

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[06 Sep 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

saturday i came back home to pick up some stuff. in the meantime andre stopped by to pick up his bike, and then vania woke up and i prepared her ipod for her. then i went back to dad's, and we went out for a ride and rented a couple of movies. dad told me a little abuot his family until up to 150 years ago. we watched half of "the barefoot contessa" (with ava gardner and humphrey bogart) and i went to bed.

yesterday dad finally took me to my grandfather's grave. there was an apple tree right above his and my grandmother's tombstone. :) then we went to some garage sales (i bought absolutely awesome sunglasses for vania. they're big and covered in purple velvet :D eee!!) and we went to l'île de la visitation, had some bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. mmmm. that night we watched the rest of "the barefoot contessa" then watched "how to steal a million" (with audrey hepburn and peter o'toole). i realized how much i absolutely adore audrey hepburn and old films.

today we were supposed to do something with vania. we got some bagels and were going back to l'île de la visitation but things got a little bit rocky and now i have to call and apologize to dad... :s i'm so dumb.

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[03 Sep 2004|03:08pm]
i forgot to mention!!
my mom left for egypt yesterday. so i slept at dad's last night, and will be there til monday. when vania comes back from new brunswick, i'll be back here, but only for a couple of days before i head back to dad's.

l'x is closing down, and it's really starting to piss me off.
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[03 Sep 2004|03:03pm]
[ mood | meh ]

so watching the dreamers didn't work out, because someone had already rented it. so instead i rented "party monster" (good stuff. i had read about michael alig's story before), "hedwig" (cause i still needed some michael pitt. hot sex.) and "ghostbusters", which i didnt watch. AGAIN. i don't think i'll ever see it.

that night andre woke me up at 1:30 and came in and saved me from the evil HIDEOUS spider in my sink. yaaaaaaaay :D

yesterday i went to my treatment, then straight to andre's. we were supposed to go see "garden state" (second time for me) but i was late, because the doctor kept me for so long. so we just hung around and i took a nap, then we met up with jess kurenai_no_chi and we walked around, went to l'x... bla bla. we also went to a vietnamese restaurant. jess had a lovely spring roll (well, two) and i finished it off for her. little did we know there was CHICKEN in there lma s;dflkja;sldfjasdéf. but it was either that, or it was going to get thrown out. and i don't like throwing food out.

pablo muerte was opening, but they only played one song 'cause somehow their power got cut off, adn they were being jerks. that's when we got out of there, and we came back for florence (dre and i saw them at fouf's on tony and nicole's last night here. they're okay) who have the fucking luck of playing with the bled when they come in two weeks!! GAAAAH!! and then i went to call my dad and he said he'd pick us all up. so we went back for tuesdays reigning. the basist was insanely hyper and hit stuff. jess and i laughed at stuff. mmmmhm. their set was good, though, even though we only stayed for three songs, cause we were late for my dad.

and dad was worried that i was in a bad area, that the place was crappy (true), the people looked dumb (true) and that there's hookers (true) and that i'm going to hell for this type of music. which is very funny because my dad liked nirvana when i made him listen. anywho.

today was school. read my silly book for my french test, but i hadn't finished it all. and tonight i'm going to see garden state. for reals.

hi emily :)

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[ mood | meh ]

forgive all the updates, but i've decided to clean up my friends list. i've never done this before, so all the people on my list who want me to keep them, just comment. if we never comment on each others' journals and don't have much in common, then don't comment. i can't read a lot of entries in here.

also, IF YOU HAVE ME ON YOUR LIST AND I DON'T, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHY???? i don't mean to sound rude, but if you have me on your list, why aren't you on mine?? why have you never commented? i don't exactly like the idea of people i don't know regularly reading my journal.
some people i will keep regardless... because *i* would like to read their entries, and if they wanted to take me off, they'd do so. "the fortunate ones will be spaaaaaaaaaaaared!" :D
now. i bid you all a good day.

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[01 Sep 2004|04:32pm]
btw, i finally got aim. xhomeisgonex. i didn't want to put x's but i didn't exactly ahve a choice, seeing as how the s/n i wanted was already taken.
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[01 Sep 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | meh ]

yesterday in french class i fell asleep again. believe it or not. i think it was yesterday, if not monday. anywho. andre came over and we hung out, watched "oceans eleven" a little then watched the end of "lock, stock, and two smoking barrels." jesus! he's got less brains than you, lenny! bwa ha :D classic. and i went to bed at 2 because i had a politics assignment that i just wouldn't start. silly me.

woke up at 6 today, fell asleep in politics (i slept four hours, can you blame me?) and i need to apologize to the teacher for that. i know he saw me... anywho. i missed half of my civ. class, because i thought i had a break. it's not a problem, though. then i went to my treatment. and i'm going back tomorrow. FOR ONE LAST TIME. :D

tonight i think i'll rent the dreamers. i always wanted to see it (because michael pitt is ;slakj fksajf;kj, you know?) but andre thought it looked stupid... ah well. tomorrow i'm gonna go see garden state a second time, this time with dre.

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there's a pill by the bed if you need one // this is a rock and roll takeover [30 Aug 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | meh ]

when in rome we shall do like the romans do, when in hell we take shots at the bar.

saturday i went shopping with marie. steph couldn't make it, 'cause her boyfriend's grandmother passed. marie and i had an awesome time. lots of catching up and teasing and such, like the good old days. i came back home around 7. i don't know what i did the rest of the day... OOH. i also saw an awesome shirt at urban. and it's one of a kind. and SVENTY-SIX DOLLARS. so i won't ever have it, thankyouverymuch. it's the best shirt ever, too.

sunday, i went to the museum with andre. we had an absolutely awesome time. we went to "première moisson" (a bakery) and got the awesomest (and most expensive) salmon-and-cream-cheese sandwich ever. and crème brûlée. like amélie :D we are dorks. thank you every much. we then went over to his house, hung out a little, came to my place, and then he left for paolo's. i went to bed at like 1:15.

today was school. i really need to buy my books. meh. tomorrow. i hate my western civ class. it fecking sucks.

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fuck off, like you're the only one who's ever cried or been broken by love [28 Aug 2004|10:59pm]
Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
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8. photography score: 6
9. writing score: 5
10. the beatles score: 5
11. art score: 5
12. punk score: 5
13. friends score: 5
14. amélie nothomb score: 5
15. sex score: 5
16. dormir score: 5
17. portishead score: 5
18. guitar score: 4
19. dancing score: 4
20. 80's score: 4

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